Splitting principal and interest

rDai (redeemable DAI) allows you to invest your money in an Interest generating pool, used for collateralized loans. You still hold on to the exact amount you invested, and can spend and transfer it at will.
You also decide who benefits from the generated interest: yourself, a community fund, a charity, or a dApp you are using.
rDAI is a fungible ERC20 token, meaning you can send any amount to any user, and they can always redeem it 1:1 for DAI

With rDAI, your DAI never stops compounding

DAI is split into rDAI and Compound Interest

Use Cases

  • For Charities

    Donate for free. Set it and forget it charitable giving where you don't lose a $DAI. When you need the cash back, easily redeem you rDAI for DAI. The world will thank you.

  • For users

    Keep your rDAI safe in cold storage, and keep the interest in a hot wallet for everyday spending. Easily keep track of your ROI and exit your investment rapidly.

  • For Communities

    Exchange some DAI for rDAI, and set a community DAO as your beneficiary. Transact freely amongst community members in rDAI. Your DAI will be compounding for the community in the background.

  • For Buidlers

    Monetize your deposits by using rDAI in your dApp instead of simple DAI. While using your app, users can easily grant you their accrued interest, with no friction.

  • For Payment protocols

    Do you have a layer 2 payment solution? Use rDAI instead of DAI, and monetize your users' deposits. Maybe you could use the extra cash to pay for the exit meta-txs?!

  • For DeFi

    Use rDAI as a financial primitive for new and exciting use cases, bringing easy monetization while maintaining frictionless ERC20 transfer capabilities.

Easy to Buidl with!

 * @notice Sender supplies assets into the market and receives rTokens in exchange
 * @param mintAmount The amount of the underlying asset to supply
 * @return uint 0=success, otherwise a failure
function mint(uint256 mintAmount) external returns (bool);

 * @notice Sender redeems rTokens in exchange for the underlying asset
 * @param redeemTokens The number of rTokens to redeem into underlying
 * @return uint 0=success, otherwise a failure
function  redeem (uint256  redeemTokens) external returns  (bool );
rDAI is more useful if it is widely used. We strive to keep our code well documented and self explanatory. Check out our GitHub repo to get started, and if you have any questions let us know!.

Donate for Free

Current interest rate is over 10%*

What will you use it for?

We believe rDAI is a great opportunity for many new DeFi use cases, but we originally came up with the idea in the context of charitable giving. We would like to give you the chance to donate to a number of crypto-native non-profit organisations directly through our platform.
Note: you are only donating the interest. Every DAI you put in will give you an rDAI of equal value!!

* NOTE: The mentioned interests are generated by smart contracts that were not built or deployed by us.